Jessie Carvalho



My name is Jessie Carvalho and I am a full service graphic designer with a particular interest in branding, typography, and marketing. My accomplishments include a successful social media marketing internship with the Letterform Archive (read about my experience here) as well as freelance design work for small businesses. I graduated from California College of the Art’s acclaimed graphic design undergraduate program, class of 2017. My passion as a designer is to create purposeful content that speaks for my clients in the real world.

I believe authentic personal expression is necessary for cultivating a genuine connection with one’s audience. Fine arts training has inspired my desire to create ‘off-screen’ as much as possible. Working ‘manually’ introduces a key element into my work: humanity.

I currently live in Oakland and work for clients throughout the Bay Area. Please contact me if you are considering hiring a thoughtful designer for your next project!